Caitlin and Phil Book

Caitlin and Phil:

A Book on Autism Through the Lifecycle


Insights for Parents, Professionals, and People on the Autism Spectrum




PART I: Understanding Autism

Chapter 1. Autism Is Neurological, Not Behavioral
Chapter 2. Elevated Neural Activity, Elevated Stress
Chapter 3. Understanding Stimming
Chapter 4. Understanding Meltdowns
Chapter 5. Expect Social and Emotional Delays

PART II: Managing Autism

Chapter 6. Treat Autism by Treating the Gut
Chapter 7. Internal and Exernal Stress Reduction
Chapter 8. Autism Is a Cultural Difference
Chapter 9. Develop an Autistic “Theory of Mind”
Chapter 10. Communication Is Always Taking Place

PART III: Academic and Social Support

Chapter 11. Play Therapy and Sensory Integration
Chapter 12. Give People with Autism Extra Support
Chapter 13. Don’t Neglect Academics and Career
Chapter 14. Autism and Friendships
Chapter 15. Autism and Bullying

PART IV: Careers and Financial Support

Chapter 16. Plan for Your Child’s Financial Care
Chapter 17. Seek Financially Viable Careers
Chapter 18. Seek Jobs that Match Special Interests
Chapter 19. Seek Jobs that Span Different Cultures

PART V: Autism and Adulthood

Chapter 20. Adult Diagnosis and Treatment
Chapter 21. Autism and Dating
Chapter 22. Relationships Are Possible
Chapter 23. Maintaining a Relationship


© 2012 Caitlin Freeman and Phil Garrow
Autism Authors, Advocates, and Speakers