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Insights from the Autism Spectrum

by Phil Garrow and Caitlin Freeman

Below Find the Topics that We Cover in our Presentation
Insights from the Autism Spectrum

1)  Insights from the Autism Spectrum – Introduction

2)  Autism Is Neurological, Not Behavioral

3)  Autistics Operate at a High Level of Neurological Activity

4)  Develop an Awareness of Neurological Limits

5)  Stimming

6)  Meltdowns

7)  Handling Meltdowns

8)  Internal Stress Reduction

9)  External Stress Reduction

10)  Treat the Underlying Neurology

11)  Always Assume that Communication Is Taking Place

12)  Autism Is a Cultural Difference

13)  Both Autistics and Neurotypicals Need to Be Bicultural

14)  Meet Your Autistic Child More Than Half Way

15)  Don’t Neglect Academic Training

16)  Look for Financially Viable Careers that Dovetail with Special Interests

17)  Examples of Translations from Special Interests to Viable Professions

18)  Look for Careers that Translate Across Cultures

19)  To Survive, Autistic People Need to Interact in a Neurotypical World

20)  Expect That Social and Emotional Development Will Be Delayed

21)  Summary